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SystemSight Credit

  • Pažangi paskolų verslo valdymo programinė įranga.

„SystemSight Credit“ kiekvienai paskolų įmonei leidžia visiškai išnaudoti skaitmenines technologijas.

Tai lankstus, naudingas, saugus sprendimas, apimantis visas reikiamas funkcijas.

Ši programinė įranga suteikia klientų registracijos, paskolų rizikos valdymo, finansinės buhalterijos ir įsiskolinimo stebėsenos įrankius

Visiškai automatizuoti verslo procesai.


Loan application and customer self service 


Loan lifecycle process starts with an easy 2 step loan application. Simplicity of registration process and attractive web design are key factors in reducing bounce rate and increasing new client registration rates.

Easily customised registration form fields. You can add driver license, student or pensioner card numbers, client interests or any other information to client profile.
Available additional client identity, telephone number and address verification tools to simplify registration process.

 Client self service reduces client support cost. Clients can track their loan status, update personal data, follow payments schedule, apply for new loans under special loyalty system conditions, extend loans, download loan lifecycle related documents etc.
Multiple loan applications are supported.

Payment rules and fees management

SystemSight credit flexibility allows configuration of any type of loan product. Create fees and taxation model. Manage fees and APR. Add principal, fees, insurance, taxes, interest rates, terms and repayment schedules at any time.

Featured services and additional fees can be configured: reminders, loan administration, helpdesk or other costs.

Different price policies and loan products can be set for different client groups.

Loan periods and amount restrictions can be set for different client groups.

Easy to extend the loan under customised payment rules. Individual loan extension, payment rules and fees can be set for loan or group of clients individually.  


Swift loans & Long term credit systems


SystemSight credit supports both swift loan and long term credit business models. This usable feature helps to create extra risk and bad loans management model.

Clients can check different conditions using Loan and Credit comparison calculator.

Easy to convert swift loan to long term credit.
Generate customised proposal for clients matching certain client risk and needs conditions.

Client risk management 


Easy verification* of key borrower data points such as identity documents validation, employment, income level, bank credit and debt information. *

Special client risk evaluation rules can be configured to identify client risk level.

Multiple loan status and reputation based on payment history tracking.

* Verification tools depends on country.

Loan lifecycle & Payment tracking


Track regular and irregular payments (unpaid, late, partial, NSF) and add notes for each payment line). Automatic payment cover using bank payment data import or xml integration.

Loan status (new, rejected, repaid, delayed, bad debt) can be tracked according to different filters: time, client group, loan product, website, marketing campaign etc.

Quick access to payment histories, collateral information, loan modifications, and month-to-date (for current period or any previous period since loan origination), year-to-date, and life-to-date statistics

Commenting capabilities throughout for officer notations, messages, phone logs, and notes


Client loyalty system


Different client loyalty models can be set. Prizes and rewards management. Loan discounts management. Automatic winning rules can be set. Prize delivery tracking and possible integration with logistics software.

Automatic loyal client group set depending on payment history. 

Special payment conditions or products can be offered to loyal client group: better terms, higher loans, lower taxes, tax free offers etc.


Reporting & tracking


Each report has 10 to 40 filter criteria for selecting and sorting reports. Once the criteria are selected, the user has the ability to save the parameters in another named report and schedule the report to run automatically at pre-determined intervals and printed or stored in the database for easy viewing. All reports can be saved in Excel format for further manipulation and graphing.

 Clients IP and actions are tracked. Administrator access can be restricted or client can be blocked according to IP.

Email & SMS auto reminders


Each loan lifecycle event is supported with automatic SMS and Email reminders. 

Successful registration, reminders about payment terms and processes. All messages are personalised including recipients name, personal loan data and payment condition. Customised messages can be implemented, eg. special birthday, festival greetings.

Massive mailing system can be used for marketing: individual newsletter design support, special proposal generation, mailing efficient tracking statistics ( read, unread, link clicks, newsletter sharing ), new email import, campaign and email group management.  


Document generation tools


Loan lifecycle related documents (contract, invoices, reminders, legal action documents etc.) are generated in pdf format, available to download in client self service front end profile, can be sent my email.

Promises to pay with automatic kept and broken functionality based on cash received. 

Comments or additional documents can be added to loan or client profile.


Workflow management


A good workflow system helps streamline processes and ensures none of the critical steps in the sequence are missed. 

In the loan servicing business, workflow management automates the front-end and back-end tasks, including originations, restructuring, workout, foreclosure, audit control, and bankruptcy. When these tasks are treated independently, they are time-consuming and prone to human error.


Integration with third party systems


SystemSight Credit supports various data imports, provides data export (txt, csv tiles) and web service integration possibilities.

System can be integrated with any type of financial or client risk check systems which is essential to your business. Additionally bank or credit card payment, SMS and email gateways integration is available.

No restriction for hosting.

Mobile applications

Coming soon...


You can choose custom features on your demand of one license and software implementation special packages.

SystemSight credit licensing options

Features Short term loans Long term credits Combined Agent network
Unlimited administrators  + + + +
Unlimited clients + + + +
Short term loan management - + + +
Long term credit management - + + +
Multiple website support - + + +
Client loyalty system - - + +
Auto reminders - - + +
Document management - - - +
Agent system - - - +
License & implementation 9 990 € 14 900 € 19 900 € 25 900 €


Special proposal for business start ups:


Monthly supports subscriptions




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